Our Company

Our Commitment

Seascape operates according to the industry’s highest standards and is committed to providing
top quality, tailor-made services based on the customer needs for cost-effective,
environmentally friendly and technologically up-to-date results.


Our Mission


  • Providing top quality services in ship safety
  • Offering innovative solutions
  • Creating synergies for lower costs
  • Building strong and long-lasting relationships
  • Growing continuously based on a long-term vision
  • Raising quality standards for the industry


Our Values


  • Working in a client-centred way
  • Providing customized services
  • Promoting eco solutions
  • Applying a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy
  • Honoring the arts and culture


Our Record

Seascape is a shipping industry agent and a broker with an impressive record in providing
top quality services, with the interest of the client at heart. Today, we offer our services
to over 180 companies and represent more than 16 engine manufacturing and supplying companies.

For more than 24 years we have represented a number of notable engines and vessel machinery
manufacturers in Greece.

Our company was established in 2005, in Piraeus, with two collaborations with leading engine manufacturers and suppliers in the shipping industry, Yanmar Engineering
and Diesel United. These long-term flagship collaborations marked the beginning of a series
of representations of other companies that are equally as strong in the market. These are:
Elite (2005), Shin Sung (2006), Dooyang (2006), Japan Marine (2007), Seagle Marine (2010). J.O. Engineering (2010), EH Engineering (2010), Hitachi Zosen (2012), Maritime Shipcleaning Rotterdam (2016). In 2012 our company created the Deck Equipment Department with MEP Deck Solutions, Sin Seng Huat Marine Equipment, and TEHO Europe B.V. (2015). In 2016, we entered the field of provision & stores, collaborating with Fuji Trading and Boa Praca, and since this summer we are proud to represent exclusively for the Greek market Edwardo Marine Services.

Our challenge is to continue our expansion into both the existing and new areas of technical and maintenance activities, serving our clients in a customised way and respecting our suppliers, while building a strong network that adds value to customers.


Our Philosophy

Seascape was built on the values of its founder and CEO, Dimitris Liaskonis.

These are no other than reliability, diligence, authenticity, and commitment to people.
Today these values are synonymous with the company and are also what make it stand out as a leading
provider of quality shipping services.

Dimitris is supported by a team of over 15 professionals working in a culture that
offers them sound relationships, professional advancement, and continuous training so they
remain up-to-date on industry developments, both locally and internationally.

The dedication displayed by the company’s CEO and his hard-working team, combined with
their care for the shipping industry, is the basis of our outstanding client service and
explains why we have managed to build and maintain an excellent image in Greece and
internationally. Today Seascape is considered a shipping industry frontrunner.

With academic qualifications in Mechanical Engineering, Dimitris has been working in the
shipping industry for more than 35 years. Our CEO started his career in 1977, working in
the design, engine fittings and repairs departments of the Greek Shipyards; he continued
in managerial positions in the field of vessel machinery equipment and as managing director
at various shipping companies in Greece.

In 1992, Dimitris established his first company that gradually represented 12 manufacturers and in
2005 he created his second company, Seascape, currently serving more than 16 manufacturers.