Corporate Social Responsibility


  • The International Propeller Club of the United States, Port of Piraeus – Bronze Sponsorship in AMVER Awards 2018








  • The Non-Profit Association “Together for Children” 



Environmental Responsibility

Over the years, the number of the companies which have integrated environmental responsibility into their strategy has been rapidly increasing.

Seascape has recognized the vital need to regulate the pollution caused by the environmental hazards and waste, that the international organisations such as the IMO wisely control, and be in total alignment with the regulations imposed.

However, our sustainability strategy is not only a mandatory plan but also a source of competitive advantage; this is reflected by the careful choice of the suppliers we work with, who apply a sustainability policy fully complied with the global environmental regulations.


Seascape was a bronze sponsor for the AMVER Awards 2018 and 2019, a great initiative by the International Propeller Club of the United States, Port of Piraeus in cooperation with the US Coast Guard, the Hellenic Ministry of Shipping and Greek Chamber of Shipping.

Supporting the Arts

The admiration and appreciation which Seascape’s founder, Dimitris Liaskonis, has nourished for art in all of its expressions, combined with his experience in naval architecture in Greek shipyards, has made him regard the ship as a symbol of freedom, power, and communication. A symbol that has inspired many artists to create masterpieces depicting life in the marine world.

We seize every opportunity to express our admiration for Maritime Art, by supporting Greek artists who kindly provide us with their creations for our business gifts and Christmas cards.

Some Words About The Artists:

Maniatakos Ioannis – Sculptor

Born in the Mani Flomochori in 1935. Studied sculpture in the school of fine arts with state scholarship from 1960-1965. In 1967 he found out that he could paint in the bottom of the sea which he loved so much. During the years 1968-1971, he paints in the bottom of the sea and lives by fishing. In 1971 until 1977, he becomes a civil servant and makes a family. Since 1971, he remained for thirty years director of the school of fine arts Panormou Tinos and a professor of sculpture. He retired in 2001 and resides in Pyrgos of Tinos.

Saltamanikas Michael – Sculptor

Lives and works in Pireaus. He concerned himself with the painting from the childhood and cultivated his talent close to teachers Theodor Pantos and Spyros Koukoulomatis. His paintings are listed in the impressionism. During his career as an artist, he made 22 solo exhibitions and participated in several group exhibitions. His art works are located in the art gallery of the municipality of Piraeus, the municipality of Perama and in private collections.

Savvidakis Emmanouhl – Painter

Graduate of the National School of Fine Arts of Paris (Ecole Nationale Superiere Des Beaux-arts) in painting, with a three-year training in the section of the steel mould of coins, medals and jewelry (ENSBA). He is also a graduate of the “College D’ Enseignement Industriel De Bijouterie”, where he studied for five years with a three-year scholarship by EOMMEX. He is a holder of “C.A.P. Pratique” of the College of Paris Examin Centre in designing, manufacturing and engraving of jewelry. He has worked as a designer, manufacturer and engraver of jewelry and steel moulds. Today he is working as a professor in the Athens Technological Educational Institute in the department of antiquities and art works maintenance. He has participated in many individual and group exhibitions. There are several publications concerning Emmanuel Savvidakis from art people and critics, i.e. the dictionary of Greek Artists “Painters – Sculptors – Engravers, 16th – 20th Century” of the “Melissa” publications.

Seremetakis Gregory – Painter

Lives and works in pireaus. He concerned himself with the painting from the childhood and cultivated his talent close to teachers theodor pantos and spyros koykoylomaths. His paintings are listed in the impressionism.

During his career as an artist, he made 22 solo exhibitions and participated in several group exhibitions. His art works are located in the art gallery of the municipality of piraeus, the municipality of perama and in private collections.

Volanakis Konstantinos – Painter

Born in Heraklion Crete in 1837. Known as the “bard of the greek sea”, Volanakis was a keen and affectionate observer of nature, whose knowledge of the sea encouraged the fullest expression of his talents. He first became interested in marine subjects during his time as an accountant in his brother-in-law Georgios Afentoulis’s sugar refinery. There his sketches of the harbour and small ships on the firm’s ledgers drew the enthusiastic attention of his employer, and the artist was sent, with the financial backing of his family, to the academy of arts in Munich, to study under karl von piloty. After his studies he worked in munich and traveled to venice and trieste, cities whose picturesque port and harbour-oriented topography would prove inspirational. It was during his stay in vienna that Volanakis had the opportunity to travel throughout the mediterranean in the austrian navy’s training ship, which would prove the inspiration for his coastal and full ocean scenes and the characters that populate his beloved marine panoramas. He died in Piraeus in 1907.

Christina Morali - Ceramist

Christina Morali studied Interior Decoration at Doxiadis school of design in Athens and ceramic at the «Hammersmith College of Art» in London.
She opens a ceramic studio in 1977 and works with various techniques and clays according to her esthetic needs. Her work is sculptural, functional and decorative .Since 1995 she also works with metal.
She is awarded 3 times with 1st, 2nd and Honoree Mention at the National Exhibition of Ceramics. She has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

Dora Courtesa - Visual Artist

Dora Courtesa studied painting in the School of Fine Arts in Aristotle University of Macedonia and Graphic Design in the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. She works with two and three dimensions. Drawing, etching, sculpture, video. her materials are mostly paper, plastic and clay. She has taken part in various art exhibitions in Greece and abroad.  Her art works are in the collection of Museum of Byzantine Culture of Thessaloniki, Graphic Werkstatt of Dresden and in private collections.



Seascape’s Children Party 2019

This festive time of the year is a great opportunity for us to thank all the children of Seascape’s team for being the most precious support and motivation for their parents’ excellence in our company.

Sharing some snapshots from our annual children party, we wish you a very Merry Christmas with happiness, good health and memorable moments.

#Seascape_children_party_2019 #Paramythochora_athens

A seminar on MEG4 by TEHO & Seascape

On the 9th of April, we were very delighted and proud to host Mr. Orlando Belfor, Sales Manager, and Mr. Frank Shaeffer, Operations Manager from TEHO Ropes in Piraeus for the seminar we organized on the new Mooring Equipment Guidelines – commonly known as MEG4. We sincerely thank all our customers that attended the seminar, honoring us with their presence, and of course our partners from TEHO, who offered us the chance to learn more about the new mooring guidelines, enjoy fruitful discussions with our customers, and share useful experiences and advice on the issue.

We warmly encourage you to give us the chance to provide you the greatest of assistance in the implementation of the new regulations.


Happy 2019 from Seascape’s team

Happy New Year from Seascape’s team!

We were notably happy to celebrate with our employees and partners the completion of a very creative year, and to say a big thank you for their contribution to the company’s constant development.

Taking the opportunity of the year’s beginning, which found us in our new space, we would like to express our gratitude to every person working with us. In Seascape, we believe that by treating our employees in the best way we can, we motivate them to treat client in the best way they can, in their turn. In this way, we are also ready to confront changes that necessarily occur and help us grow – as the one of our relocation to a beautiful space at 51 Akti Miaouli.

Our care for our staff, is not only an outcome of our philosophy, but also of our sincere appreciation for their dedication and hard work. The dedication that is translated into action – and this is the long-lasting relationships with our clients and suppliers.

We cordially wish for a bright, successful and really happy 2019, and we ensure to continue our effort on reaching our best performance and delivering results that exceed customer’s expectations.

Communication Skills & Emotional Intelligence Seminar in Nauplio

‘Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.’

Henry Ford


On the 10th and 11th of February, this year’s annual seminar took place in Nauplio; focused on ‘Enhancing communication skills & Emotional Intelligence: Learning to communicate assertively with co-workers and clients’, powered by Coaching-Therapy and Mr Vangelis Vertopoulos. A chance to enhance our company’s team working spirit that has been the fuel for our voyage so far; either in safe or unsafe waters since the time that our management team brought together.

The seminar was followed by the traditional ‘Vasilopita dinner’ – congrats to our lucky new member, Mrs A. Grigoraki!

We chose to come together at Nauplio to learn how to cultivate the skills that will keep us together and celebrate the success that working together has brought us.

Many thanks to all of you that contributed to this productive and lovely weekend.



We are wishing the very best for you and your families.
Merry Christmas to all!